Why SSI-I?

Indonesia is a paradise of spices and is a leader in the global market for several commodities. The country is globally well-reputed for its spices but the sector faces many challenges and the success of its reputation does not trickle down to and neither is it felt by all actors in the value chain. To address this, the Sustainable Spices Initiative – Indonesia (SSI-I) platform was created to provide a space where stakeholders can work together to overcome challenges and create new and exciting opportunities in the sector.

SSI-I is a multi-stakeholder platform driven by the private sector, CSOs, research and knowledge institutions, farmer organizations, and a strong collaboration with the Indonesian government and other global platforms. The platform is closely affiliated with SSI Global, based in the Netherlands, and is the third platform to launch following SSI India and SSI Vietnam.

Our Vision

SSI is a strategic and active platform, leading innovation initiatives in the spices sector towards sustainable spices.

Our mission
  1. To strengthen the sustainability performance of spices supply chains 
  2. To safeguard continuous spices production, supply and profitability
  3. To introduce innovation in the spices sector
  4. To promote and empower future generations of spice farmers

Our Board Members

Advisory Board

Executive Board



Working Group Leaders



: Ir. Syukur Iwantoro, MM
: Dr. Wahida Maghraby

: Naloanro Simanjuntak (Mega Inovasi Organik)

: Evert Jan Verschuren (Verstegen)

: Adrian Akzha (Cassia Coop Indonesia)
Peni Agustianto (Rikolto)
Danny van Hattem (Nedspice)

: Angga (ITB University)

: Hatami (PT. CAN)