Working Groups

The Social Impact Working Group will explore the different ways that SSI members can concretely implement programs and activities to improve farmers’ living income within the spices value chain. 

By reflecting on existing studies and data, utilizing practical tools and conducting further research, a roadmap will be developed to enable a 10% increase in farmers’ annual household income within each members’ value chain, as part of SSI-Indonesia’s 2025 target.

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Safety Working Group will discuss the challenges faced by farmers and processors to be able to export high quality and sustainable spices. 

  • How can we improve harvesting and processing systems to ensure good quality products and maintaining sustainable farming solutions?
  • What systems can increase the yield and quality of spices harvested by farmers and how do we control quality issues related to post-harvest processing?
  • Additionally, increased and improved laboratory capabilities can be utilised to improve harvesting and processing systems.

The Market Access Working Group will discuss various ways to link Indonesian spice producers with customers abroad, particularly looking at how value can be added and more can be offered to end-users.

  • How to develop a sustainable model in ensuring traceability and transparent market structures. 

This group will also propose practical tools that members can use to access the market(s) in question.