Project/Activity title:
Sustainable agriculture becomes an attractive business, providing sustainable and improved livelihoods for farmers and people who are dependent on the spices sector

Kab Kerinci,Provinsi Jambi,Kab Polman Sulawesi Barat

Mission statement:
– Supporting an enabling environment & sustainability alliances
– Fostering innovation
– Strengthening partner capacities for collective action

1. Improving farmer’s capacities on sustainable crop production farming, by integrating forest conservation measures.
2. Promoting rural business institutions
3. Promoting crop production by entering the national market & international market through participation in exhibition events, introducing the product to buyers as well as identifying and promoting the unique character of product & give more capacity building to farmers and technical assistance
4. Collaborating with local government institutions and regional initiatives to embed conducive policies and programs in existing efforts for long-term institutionalized and sustainable changes.
5. Empowering youth and women through participation in existing and new production and income generating activities.
6. Identifying viable incentive models for farmers and rural communities to deliver ecosystem services.

Organic Certified

– Cinnamon (organic certified)
– Ginger (uncertified)

Contact Details:
Website: rikolto.org

Email: peni.agustijanto@rikolto.org

Phone: 08113854464

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