PT Springfields

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PT Springfields

Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Springfields’ mission is to actively engage all stakeholders in the supply chain to produce and supply  high quality products to our customers. We are committed to supporting our farmers to develop sustainable production systems that prevent degradation of the environment. In partnership with research and development institutions, we are improving the quality of our products and improving farmer income. 

  • Quality products, namely vanilla, nutmeg and cloves 
  • Actively working with our farmers to receive a fair price for their products
  • An inclusive approach to supporting our farmers to develop sustainable production systems
  • Strong partnerships with our buyers
  • Innovative research and development program to improve all stages of the value chain

None at the moment but will start to engage with communities to certify their organic farms. We focus on transparency in the supply chain, where our farmers are clearly known and we guarantee a significantly higher price to farmers, compared to the existing supplier networks.

In partnership with Australian Vanilla Plantations and Best Grow, we supply high quality cured vanilla beans and other vanilla products.
Nutmeg and mace – different grades and specifications
Cloves – different grades

Contact Details:
Phone: +628116001035