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Organic and Fair Trade Vanilla Alor NTT Project

Alor, East Nusa Tenggara

Alor Vanilla is categorized as a planifolia vanilla bean that has been certified as a pure variety by Index Geographic certification. Alor Vanilla grows in a unique environment and is a high quality product with a very strong flavor and high vanillin content.

We have worked with vanilla farmers and farmer groups in Alor since 2019 to ensure our farmers have the best harvest. Through continuous assistance and implementation of fair trade pricing, we believe that harvest volumes will continue to increase, which in turn will also improve farmer’s income.

  • We implement, monitor and maintain strict organic standards throughout every process in this project from the ground-up.
  • We are committed to buying all harvest based on transparent and fair trade prices
  • We built a vanilla curing facility and worked with the local community to produce the best quality for extract and gourmet products. 
  • We work with our farmers to cultivate vanilla plants with an agroforestry approach.

Organic EU, USDA, Fairtrade International, Naturland, Kosher.

Vanilla Bean (Vanilla planifolia)

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