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Cubeb Pepper Central Java Project

Magelang & Kulon Progo, Central Java and DIY

Cubeb pepper used to be traded in high volumes during the Colonial Age and MIO aims to bring it back to center stage once more, as it has various cooking, herbal, and medicinal purposes.

Starting in 2015, we have multiplied the supply of Cubeb pepper by 20 times as of 2021. As part of our Jungle Garden biodiversity system, our farmers are encouraged to grow diversified commodities, including Cubeb pepper. We implemented the Fair Trade system to leverage the role of farmers and built an end-to-end supply chain framework.

  • Our areas are certified organic and are regularly audited and monitored by both internal staff and external partners.
  • On average, our buying prices are up to 15% higher compared to market prices.
  • We provide financial options to help fund farmers until the end of the cultivation process.
  • We implement Fair Trade values within our communities.
  • We maintain the balance of biodiversity in our environment by integrating traditional knowledge and our innovations.

Organic EU, USDA, JAS.

Cubeb Pepper (Piper Cubeba)

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