Peluncuran Sustainable Spices Initiative Indonesia

Wadah Strategis bagi Terwujudnya Sektor Rempah Berkelanjutan di Indonesia   Jakarta, 29 April, 2021 – Hari ini, sebuah wadah untuk sektor rempah berkelanjutan di Indonesia bernama Sustainable Spices Initiative Indonesia (SSI-I) diluncurkan secara resmi. SSI Indonesia akan menjadi wadah strategis bagi para pemangku kepentingan di bidang rempah-rempah untuk menyalurkan beragam inisiatif guna memastikan terwujudnya sektor rempahContinue reading “Peluncuran Sustainable Spices Initiative Indonesia”

SSI-Indonesia Signs MoU with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

On 23 March the Sustainable Spices Initiative-Indonesia (SSI-I) hosted an MoU signing event together with the Ministry of Agriculture. The signing of the MoU was followed by a webinar to discuss the supply & demand of Indonesian spices with participants joining the event from Indonesia and Europe. The webinar was split into two sessions toContinue reading “SSI-Indonesia Signs MoU with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture”