Cassia Co-op

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Sustainable cassia production at the source

Kerinci, Jambi, Sumatra

At Cassia Co-op we believe that a supply chain is SUSTAINABLE if it is FAIR for ALL its stakeholders and PRAGMATIC from a logistics point of view.

Cassia Co-op has built-up a top of the line grinding facility which meets the highest GFSI standards for food safety in the heart of the biggest cassia plantation in the world. First and only exporter/processor to set-up operations in Kerinci (Sumatra). Direct contact with farmers, full traceability, and in the field impact.

Cassia Co-op made significant investments in relationships with farmers & employees, in cassia trees replanting and in R&D (lab, essential oil distillation and intercropping cassia with new crops like Patchouli, Ylang and Vanilla).

We are not pretending that we are changing the world nor impacting every person in Sungai Penuh (main village in Kerinci, Sumatra), but we can safely say that Cassia Co-op has a positive impact on the cassia supply at the source.

Organic, Rainforest Alliance, FSSC22000

CASSIA (aka cinnamon) broken & clean, powder & stick.

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