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Indonesia is a paradise of spices and is a leader in the global market for several commodities. The country is globally well-reputed for its spices but the sector faces many challenges and the success of its reputation does not trickle down to and neither is it felt by all actors…

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Peluncuran Sustainable Spices Initiative Indonesia

Wadah Strategis bagi Terwujudnya Sektor Rempah Berkelanjutan di Indonesia   Jakarta, 29 April, 2021 – Hari ini, sebuah wadah untuk sektor rempah berkelanjutan di Indonesia bernama Sustainable Spices Initiative Indonesia (SSI-I) diluncurkan secara resmi. SSI Indonesia akan menjadi wadah strategis bagi para pemangku kepentingan di bidang rempah-rempah untuk menyalurkan beragam inisiatif…

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