SSI-Indonesia Signs MoU with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

On 23 March the Sustainable Spices Initiative-Indonesia (SSI-I) hosted an MoU signing event together with the Ministry of Agriculture. The signing of the MoU was followed by a webinar to discuss the supply & demand of Indonesian spices with participants joining the event from Indonesia and Europe.

The webinar was split into two sessions to cover the perspectives of various stakeholders involved in the spice sector in Indonesia. Participants from Indonesian ministries, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, NGOs, companies, and knowledge institutions within Indonesia and internationally joined in on the discussions.

The first session focused on the European side of the market and the topics discussed included:

  • Challenges in exporting Indonesian spices to European markets & SSI-I’s offered solutions
  • European market expectations for pepper & nutmeg export
  • European market expectations for Indonesian cassia

In the second session, representatives from Indonesian institutions presented on the following topics:

  • EU Policy Regulations & their impact on the Indonesian spice market
  • Government programs to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian spice exports to European markets
  • Government programs to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian herb exports to European markets

You can find the presentations from the webinar on our ‘Reports’ page.

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